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AirBlades Patented Slope Handle Ping Pong Blades from Australia

AirBlades Table Tennis

AirBlades® is a young, new, innovative and fun table tennis company that is ready to shake up the

traditional table tennis world with its better than ever quality products.
Our paddles are fully guaranteed for life! Once you register for our AirBlades Lifetime Guarantee
after purchasing your chosen product, your racquet is covered for life!
From our cool logo printed onto our Slopehandle Everyday racket to the unique white rubber used
on the high quality and carefully selected wood used in our blades, to the beautifully designed
cases that come with each of our racquets, you’ll know that you are using another quality
AirBlades product! No less than 5 layers of wood are used in each of our 3 star, 5 star and 6 star
paddles. Each star rating combines a different level and layering of wood to make the most
responsive and comfortable playing racquet you’ll ever play with. You’ll want to show these
paddles off to your friends and family!


My story of how we got started!

My name is Allan Say - Founder of AirBlades®- and I am a ping pong/table tennis lover and I launched my own brand - AirBlades - out of my passion for the game and what I saw as a niche for table tennis.

I grew up playing table tennis in my garage with my dad and friends in my home city of Brisbane, Australia. I am also a professional tennis coach by profession and have played all over the world with tennis. I am now in my 40s and I have a table tennis table in my own garage and I train my own three children (2 boys and a girl) to learn and enjoy this great game of table tennis!

One day I noticed my one of my young sons struggling with the handle and holding it awkwardly and after going through normal grip techniques with him I wondered if there could be a better shape of handle that could be used. This is where, after a lot of trial and error with my own dad who works with wood, I came up with the Slope Handle design (now Fully Patented)…a uniquely shaped handle that contours to your hand. It fits, I believe, a lot more comfortably into the hand than the traditional straight handle or flared handle. My son loved it and he seemed to hold it way more naturally than before. Problem solved.

I then showed it to my friends and family and after trying for themselves, they too loved it! It was here that a friend said that I should sell my own brand of table tennis paddles with the Slope Handle, which had me thinking ‘could I compete against the big name brands in table tennis?’ ‘How would I make my paddle stand out from the rest of the current market of big name brands other than with the Slope Handle?’

Being a tennis coach I quickly put this into context with a tennis racket, where the logo of the racket is always printed onto the strings of the rackets, so you can tell from a long way away what brand of racket the player is using. With table tennis paddle the logo is always on the handle and covered by the hand, so you can’t see the logo or the brand. I thought I would then come up with my first range of rackets to be made to stand out from the crowd of red/black rubber rackets by having the logo printed slap bang in the middle of the paddle and having an all white rubber on both sides of the paddle. I had to come up with a different but fun logo to go with the name, AirBlades. With blade being of course the name of the wood layers in the middle of a paddle. Then, AirBlades was born!

I also will back our paddle up with awesome customer service and a fantastic buying experience along with our quality product. If you experience anything less, than please let me know!

I truly hope that you really enjoy using our paddles and AirBlades products, as I get a buzz just knowing that people out there in the world are using my uniquely shaped product which was born from just a thought in my garage while playing table tennis with my own children!

So what's next?
Our Slopehandle Everyday paddles will lead the charge coming into the market with a loud bang
and a different look and feel to them with their Slopehandle ergonomic design and white rubber
with logo on the front.
We then will launch our competition range of Slopehandle paddles for the competitive player.
After this, our next exciting, innovative range of paddles will come to the market - they’re under
wraps, top secret!
Then look for our table tennis accessory range of balls, nets, and tables to be added to the range
of AirBlades products.
We know you’ll love using our new AirBlades range, so if you haven’t tried one of our products yet
- what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

The AirBlades Paddles