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Replacement Rubbers for Peacemaker Ping Pong Paddle | 5 Colours

Replacement Rubbers for Peacemaker Ping Pong Paddle | 5 Colours

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Refresh your Peacemaker Ping Pong Paddle with our top-quality Replacement Rubbers, now available in an array of vibrant new colors approved for competition by the ITTF. Choose from Black + Red, Black + Pink, Black + Purple, Black + Green, and Black + Blue to update your paddle's performance and style. This change embraces the evolution in table tennis regulations that began at the 1983 World Championships in Tokyo, which mandated distinct rubber colors to ensure fair play and visual appeal. Our rubbers reflect this legacy, offering a modern twist on the traditional, enhancing the game's integrity and aesthetic.

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AirBlades is an innovative table tennis company founded by Allan Say, a passionate ping pong enthusiast and professional tennis coach from Brisbane, Australia.
Driven by his love for the game and a desire to fill a niche in the market, Allan started AirBlades to create high-quality, uniquely designed table tennis products.

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